Type: Motion Graphics
Client: Always Create
Location: Germany
Date: 18/11/2020


The Mission

* Roosevelt, Strangers and Lovers logo

designed by the Roosevelt Team
* Logo animated by myself


Marius Lauber (Roosevelt) is a dedicated musician drawn to all forms of dance music. From yacht rock to Balearic textures, house euphoria to sub-zero techno, it’s the warm emotional touch that drives his music and makes people fall in love with his breakthrough ‘Elliot EP’, outstanding debut album ‘Roosevelt’, bold and addictive follow-up ‘Young Romance’ and his daring forthcoming album ‘Polydans’. His latest release ‘Polydans comprised of five singles including Feels Right, Strangers and Lovers. I was approached by Always Create to design a set of motion graphics for their Polydans singles ‘Strangers’ and ‘Lovers’. The brief required an advert and teaser for social media usage and the Spotify Canvas feature.

Objective and Solution

Bold. Alive. Melodic. Vibrant. Ethereal. Abstract. Functional.

These keywords summarise the visual direction of this project. Roosevelt’s music is for people to feel lost and alive during its catchy and emotional moments of the song. It’s something listeners can dance to, feel inspired and keep their creative flow going. I aimed to capture the abstract feeling of how music flows through us and visualise his signature modern pop yet 90’s nostalgic sound. It also had to suit his aesthetic but be bold and different from his previous singles. The solution to this were using vibrant gradient colours, animation visual elements and bolder typography animations to bring his music to life, whilst using grain and film textures to add a nostalgic aesthetic. This was through the experimentation of animation visual particles, creating liquid light shows and using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to edit the visuals for the desired outcome of this project.