Infographic Newspaper Mockup.jpg


Type: Infographic Design
Client: Graduate Portfolio
Location: Swansea
Date: 05/05/2020

A Ten Minute Guide To

The Modern Drum Kit

The Mission

*Yr 3 Infographic Project


This was a commission to create an infographic for the METRO newspaper. The free newspaper, widely distributed on train stations and buses around the country will produce a weekly infographic aiming to provide a concise overview of random subjects, to inform, surprise and amuse the reader passing time on their journey.

Objective and Solution
The brief was to create an infographic of a ten minute guide to the drum kit. The information had to be predominantly typographic in nature, however also could include graphs, pie-charts, venn diagrams and a subtle amount of vector art if necessary or appropriate. As a general guide, approximately 20 facts would be appropriate for the size of the design.

 The style goes for a modern bold aesthetic with retro visual elements that aids the historic Jazz era of the drum kit. The golden yellow colour palette also aids in the visual style as well as 20’s Jazz era of music. The facts are limited to 15, however they provide further insight into the factual information for the reader.  

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