Type: Gin Brand and Packaging
Client: Waters Creative
Location: Swansea
Date: 18/05/2020

Elan Valley Distillery

The Mission
Elan Valley Distillery is a small distillery in Wales, overlooking the Elan Village. They specialise in creating bespoke spirits tailored to you. With your influence, they establish a botanical profile to then discover your gin. Every spirit created is unique and customisable because of the businesses truly small-batch approach. The local hedgerows and flowers are lovingly collected and infused to create a truly magical botanical experience. The Elan Valley brand aims to encourage gin connoisseurs to use their services to discover their gin and personalise it to their taste.

Objective and Solution
The brief is to design a brand and presentation box for Elan Valley Distillery Gin. The cost starts from £42 per bottle. The gin is a high end, expensive, bespoke made product. The target market consists of gin lovers, gin connoisseurs, and botanical taste lovers.  

I set out to create a high end and sophisticated design and incorporate the heritage of Elan Valley into the branding.  The brand identity and packaging should be unique, custom-designed, and reflects the bespoke nature of the distillery. I attempted to do a botanical style, however, I decided to go for the abstract nature of the Elan Valley itself as a botanical flavour theme design would limit the brand concept for Elan Valley. I looked at the unique formations of rocks and used that to create an abstract shape of the infamous river dam. I also went further to create label and card designs that are bespoke to the consumer. This can come with the gin for free if the customer would like to buy it as a gift for a person on a special occasion.