Type: D&AD Competition
Client: Google
Location: Swansea
Date: 05/05/2020

Don't Let It Bleed

The Mission
*This is a D&AD Google Competition Brief. The designs and campaign is in no way associated with the British Red Cross.


Music is a powerful tool that can provide the perfect outlet for opinions, emotions, world views and even epitomise the political climate. Some of the biggest social and political movements hold a music moment behind them. Music artists will often use their platforms to speak a message.

At the heart of many of these music moments is a powerful lyric or visual that inspires its audience. How could you communicate this unique power of music through typography

Objective and Solution
The brief set by Google is to find a genre, song or musical movement, and create a typography-first campaign that uses Google Fonts with both physical and digital elements.

The campaign must include a 12” x 12” vinyl record cover as a lead expression of your typographic identity, one poster, a digital element and one other touchpoint.

The song I chose is Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed. I used relevant lines of lyrics to highlights the issue of people and political leaders running away from the problem, despite their awareness of issue. My response is a political campaign that uses UX Design and a motion graphic as a digital element. This sparks a call to action for the target market to see the mircosite that may encourage them to take highlight of the issue. With relevant clothing and merchandise for the target market, all proceed goes towards the British Red Cross, which is then donated to areas of conflict.

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