Type: Product Design
Client: Graduate Portfolio
Location: Swansea
Date: 05/05/2020

MXR Guitar Pedals

The Mission
*This is a Personal Project. These designs and pedal mockups are not associated with the MXR brand.

The market for guitar accessories, amplifiers and e ects has never had more variety than it already has right now. There is a wide range of e ect pedals from overdrive, fuzz and distortion to chorus, delay, reverb and much more. Though artwork on vinyl has become unappreciated in recent year, visuals have not gone unnoticed on guitar pedals, some guitarist pay for the visual design, especially for its vintage appeal. Though some companies like Boss, Strymon and MXR have a simple basic design, some like to buy pedals for its visual aesthetic that communicates the sound and purpose of the design.

Objective and Solution
The brief was to create three different guitar pedals under an already existing brand, and then design a set of posters that promote the guitar pedal itself. The design for the guitar pedals needed to be appropriate and a consistent visual style. This was to provide the challenge of visualising sound through a three-dimensional canvas that included obstacles to design decisions.

This project provided the challenge of creative restrictions such as how the design will be printed and the canvas size of the enclosure. My solution to this problem is an illustrated style that is technological and representative of the sound that is produced via the effect pedal. The colour palette was chosen through inspiration from the taste of the sound that is associated with each genre of music. 

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