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Type: Brand Identity Competition
Client: Plum Design
Location: Swansea
Date: 18/01/2019

Mayra Alpaca Clothing

The Mission
Mayra Alpaca Clothing is a fashion brand based in Wales that specialises in creating high-end clothing items made out of alpaca wool.  Marya Alpaca Clothing aims to market their clothing towards the middle-class, higher-paying consumers who can easily afford the higher quality expensive clothing. The diverse range of Alpaca clothes creates a broad appeal, from young adults to fashion enthusiasts, between the ages of 18 and 50. Mayra wants a visual identity instilling interest and trust to compete with the higher end, quality clothing brands such as Gucci, Harrolds, Chanel, and many more.


Objective and Solution
We were given three days to create a logo within reflects the handmade and luxurious nature of the brand. We would then create a homepage design and a half A4 page advert to be used in a print publication. We were allowed to use stock images that is sourced from the web and lorem ipsum as body text.

In response to this brief, I set out to create a high-end visual identity that was luxurious, unique, and contemporary; and visualise current design trends. The serif typeface was selected to give a sophisticated look that appeals to the target market. It has been slightly edited to add a premium feel to its design and the images that have been sourced from the web are carefully selected to suit the sophisticated tone of the brand. This was further expanded into creating a background pattern using the letter ‘M’ from the logo. The products are all handmade from Alpaca wool which gave the slogan ‘Handcrafted From Nature.