Type: Sustainability
Client: Graduate Portfolio
Location: Swansea
Date: 18/01/2019

The Green Mile

The Mission

Sustainable development is not just an environmental issue. Sustainability is concerned with the balance between society, economy and the environment.  Sustainability affects individuals, communities and populations; it has a major influence on prosperity and well being and has implications for the natural world we live in.

Sustainability can mean many things to a graphic designer. It can be a literal meaning that relates to the materials and methods you choose to use for your designs and solutions. It can also refer to your skills and the ability to adapt to and execute any given design problem.

Objective and Solution
You are to research one subject for Green Graphic Design. For example it could be one of the following renewable energy solutions and you could produce an information book for it. Consider Industrial and domestic solutions and projections, any pros and cons, government targets, research and development strategies, costs etc.

I chose the topic of sustainability in the aviation industry as it is one of the many factors that is contributing to climate change. The Green Mile explores the sustainability of air travel in the most exciting way possible. The book gives benefit to the reader’s knowledge and reassurance of the approach the aviation industry is using and how they are developing methods to create a sustainable flight. The book itself is also eye-catching to the reader’s attention through the use of flat vector illustrations and visual elements that compliments the typography and design layout.