Type: Record Store Branding
Client: Swansea Bay Records
Location: Swansea
Date: 29/11/2019

Swansea Bay Records

The Mission
Swansea Bay Records is a retail business based in the Swansea Market. It focuses on selling excellent quality pre-loved records, CDs and cassette tapes. The couple who run the business care about physical media and value the importance and impact of vinyl records.

Swansea Bay Records aims to bring the music community closer to the music itself through vinyl. They want to encourage younger adults to experience the physicality of listening to music the same way that the older generation have nostalgia for vinyl. They have established a target market of vinyl enthusiasts and those who have a passion for music, with a year of age 18 - 80 to create a broad appeal.


Objective and Solution
The goals of Swansea Bay Records were to launch the stall in Swansea Market and establish themselves on social media with a refreshed brand identity that reflects the nature of their business. They wanted a simple icon that would strengthen their brand image online and within their stall situated in Swansea Market. I chose a visual vintage style that resembles the 50’s era of jazz and swing music. The combination style and colour palette appeals to both an older and modern generation of music enthusiasts.

I expanded the icon into a motion graphic that would further progress into a series of promotional material and merchandise. I would then expand the visual style by adding a 16mm film texture to the motion graphic to further give a retro aged look, similar to the characteristics of vinyl. I would also make more icons to promote other unusual things they are selling that is musical. Since the rebrand, their business has expanded with more stock and a bigger stall, their social media presence is well known and sales have increased.