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FIRES 2020

Type: Charity Campaign
Client: Graduate Portfolio
Location: Swansea
Date: 05/05/2020

A Guide To The Australian Fires 2020

The Mission
The Australian fires were brought to my attention prior to the mainstream media in early 2020. I felt that people were not as aware of the severe damage that is being caused by these fires to the wildlife, environments and the local communities around Australia. I became passionate of the subject matter and felt the need to create a guide that would highlight the issues.

Objective and Solution
I set myself the task to bring awareness to the issue that highlights the problems of the fires and bring a call to action to the reader. In response to the brief I designed an infographic and produced a book that acts as a guide to the Australian Fires. The book highlights the aftermath of the problems that occurred through factual and personal experience.  This led to a fundraising campaign with merchandise proceedings going towards the charities involved.

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