Type: Visual Enquiry
Client: Graduate Portfolio
Location: Swansea
Date: 20/05/2019

Full Circle

The Mission
Full Circle is a project that is very personal to me, both mentally and emotionally. It explores the suburban town of Ferny Grove in Brisbane, Australia, where I spent the first six years of my childhood growing up. I returned to the street and became overwhelmed with emotions, thoughts and feelings. I used the journey project in the Visual Enquiry 2 module as an opportunity to let out thoughts from my mind into a physical book form.

Objective and Solution
The brief was to create a visual representation of a journey through any creative medium. I used this opportunity to create a visual representation of my thoughts and feelings of the suburban town, as well as experiment with digital and physical objects to create visual imagery.


This project pushed my creative boundaries further than I expected of myself. I used my own sourced photographic images which were then shredded , burnt and dampened, and then digitally distorted through image editing software. This resulted in a grungy and misshaped visual style that is chaotic and full of emotion which illustrates my state of mind from visiting the street.

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